Monday, April 30, 2012

Anatomy of a Douche-To-Be

I didn't write this. We got it in the tips box at Geekosystem. I found it very affecting however, and I thought I should share. Try to imagine a kid actually saying this. Try to imagine what he would look like, and how he carries himself, and -- most importantly -- what he aspires to, what he aims to achieve with his life. Then, massage your temples vigorously, and lament with me, my friends.

Hey I am Leon Purvis from Glassboro, New Jersey the guy that asked Justin Bieber to prom on Youtube as a bro. I was on the front page of the national USA TODAY! and ever since the USA TODAY! article and being on the front page of USA TODAY! Justin Bieber still has not responded to me about prom. My prom is on June 2nd. Would you like to do a story, interview, or a blog post about asking why Justin Bieber has not responded to me about prom? Or just about me asking Justin Bieber to prom via Youtube in general. I feel as though he has caught wind of my prom asking and that he has seen my Youtube video. I mean my prom asking invitation has been in the media everywhere like Ryan Seacrest talked about me on his radio show, Perez Hilton blogged about me on his website, I was on MTV News in the UK and like I said I was just recently on the front page of USA TODAY! I would really like a response from him about prom. My prom is on June 2nd and I am running out of time. I think he should at least respond to me about prom because of my hard work, efforts, and not giving up. I am not giving up because NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!
Bro....just, like, bro. I mean. Dude. Just...nah bro. Nah.