Friday, December 16, 2011

Fish Dance In The Maximum Fashion For Clowncraft.

When one contrives the beauty of ecstasy for the purpose of driving life to the edge of its own deriving, the grace of secular existence drops considerably in the face of crass ideologies. One cannot frame the stark understanding of that which one cannot frame the stark understanding of. Filth --concurred separately of attenuation-- becomes the draw for all corruptible dream dissension. Indubitably. But if then why the to be it, then if then if the why to be? Contrived hedonism seeks not to undermine the supple costs of penance but rather to supersede the lugubrious passion of the elders for the profit of their own being, reiterated back upon the itself through the labors of the transient. Smite not the dank recesses of migration, but instead the blighted fragrance of candidacy; for the spice of tranquil multitudes, we draw magnetism discretely for all flagrancy.