Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remember that time?

“Yeah, and then we ran like our lives depended on it. I mean, I guess they did, in a bizarre sort of way.”
I leaned back in my chair and Alan laughed; Alan was always laughing, which was part of the reason I was still getting drinks with him after all these years. The other part was that he was a little bit crazy, and so much of my young life had been wrapped up in antics of his devising. I lifted my glass to my mouth and I might as well have had double d's and a checkered flag, because Alan was off.
“Yeah, that was one hell of a time. Remember the time I invented supply-side economics?”
I tried not to choke, but its hard to breathe liquid. Alan was clearly more concerned with my affirmation than my respiratory health, but my recovery must have taken longer than he expected because he kept charging on.
“I remember it so clearly, we were all drinking in Teddy's basement and he was all like 'I wish entrepreneurial start-up costs weren't so prohibitive,' and I was like 'yeah, they shouldn't be! What if we subsidized production costs to increase incentives to produce? That way, consumers would benefit from a greater supply of goods and services that they could purchase to stimulate further economic growth!' Man, Ted was so excited. I remember the way his face just lit up.”
Alan looked off for a moment, trying to relive the moment as best he could. And it was then that I realized he'd finally lost the last of his marbles and graduated to full on delusional insane. That wasn't what had happened at all. He didn't say that, I did.