Thursday, November 25, 2010

its not about what you think it is.

unless I'm not as subtle as I thought, in which case, it totally is about what you think its about.

Sasha was moaning again. She was always moaning this time of the month and it was positively infuriating. At the beginning James was always a little bit excited because sex was sex and well...yeah, sex was sex. After a while though, it just got to be a chore. Maybe he'd just go in there and fuck her so she'd shut the hell up, but he knew better than to think that would help for more than an hour or two. She was a queen on her throne, and when she was in heat, she was a bloody loud one. He really wished he'd had a choice in house mates, he'd never have cleared her if he'd had a say in the matter. He sauntered into the bedroom to get his, or more accurately, give her hers when he heard the front door crack open. Odd, it seemed a little early for the lady to get home, but he had never had a particularly good grasp on schedules. He turned his back on Sasha and headed towards the front door, and she moaned again. Actually, it was more protracted, and a little higher than usual; more of a wail. It was disgusting. He sped up to a trot and made for the living room. Sure enough, the lady was home, maybe she got out early because her face looked happier than usual and he got an extra big squeal out of here when he trotted in, head held high. He settled down on the couch, and she started babbling like always, rubbing his back and murmuring in his face in the most condescending manner. If she wasn't so good with her hands, he'd have been a little more offended. As it stood, however, he just let his eyes back and enjoyed it. Then she did it again. She was always doing it, but he never got used to it. Each time was a fresh slap in the face. “blah blah blah blah Milo, blah blah blah,” she said. He knew exactly what she meant though. She meant “blah blah James, blah blah,” she never got his name right. If Sasha hadn't been being such a bitch, maybe he would have dealt with it, but as it stood, he was in no mood so he hopped off the couch and galloped away. She never got his name right, but at least she kept him fed.